Our Mission

We express ourselves through the creativity of serving delicious healthy food, and the independence to do our work with integrity. We find joy in service and in working together as a family for our mutual wellbeing.

What’s In A Name?

Abeja is Spanish for bee. It is also the name of our family pet, a sweet and intelligent pig with a very particular palate. The name comes from the unlikely friendship of our son and our pig. The two are inseparable, and our unusual family pet speaks to our uniquely caring nature for the humblest of animals.
Martha & Rafael

Our Story

Emigrating to the U.S. in 2001 from Mexico, Abeja’s House Café owners Rafael and Martha Alejeo have worked in many of Asheville’s well-traveled cafés, including Sunny Point, Green Sage and Doc Chey’s. Many times working in two jobs each, Rafael and Martha have worked hard to perfect their craft of serving amazingly flavorful and healthy food using mostly local and organic ingredients.

With the opening of Abeja’s House Café, Rafael and Martha have realized their dream of independence, creatively and entrepreneurially. Having a passion for service and family, Abeja’s also creates opportunities for those with special needs and who share their passions for service and great healthy food.